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On April 12, 1886 the Buffalo Evening News announced that the Howland School would be converted into a sanitarium. The Union Springs Sanitarium was operated by Dr. Franklin Pierce who wished to help those suffering from chronic diseases as well as people who were looking for rest and recreation. One newspaper article remarked that it, "was famous thruout [sic] the eastern United States for its sulphur baths and its quiet and beautiful location." Patients swarmed to the sanatorium during the summer months and it often accommodated as many as 200 patients per year.

(Information from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation)

To reach the health resort many patients came by stage to Cayuga and in that village boarded one of the lake steamers which took them to Union Springs. Some of the patients coming from nearer towns and cities made the entire trip to the resort by horse and buggy.

The latest conveniences were found in the resort. All of the rooms were electrically lighted by a privately owned electric plant in the rear of the building, power was made by engines. The steam exhaust was harnessed and used to heat the building. Water was piped to the building from the lake and sulphur springs so that patients might take their health plunges without leaving the hotel. All the plumbing, wiring, and heating were done by Otto Spencer, a resident of Union Springs.

(Information from newspaper article - source and date unknown)

A note from President Pat Kimber

Thank you to all who voted in our recent election of officers and trustees. We appreciate your continued support of and interest in the Frontenac. Please know that your votes mattered as they validated the work which we do.

I am please to announce the following members have been elected to a 3-year term of office on the Board of Trustees: Linda Albrecht, Marilyn Baader, Darlene Graham, Dale Katovitch, John Kimber, Francis LoMascolo, Tom Parsnick, Jennifer Soucy.

Officers elected for the coming year are: Pat Kimber, President; Patty Hanford, Vice President; Dona Ross, Secretary; Marilyn Baader, Treasurer.

We are grateful for their willingness to give selflessly of their time and expertise. A special thanks to outgoing President Tom Parsnick who has stepped up to the plate numerous times, Marilyn Baader and Rob LoMascolo for developing the ballot during this different election year and outgoing Trustee Joan Parsnick for her imaginative and resourceful ideas which were never ending.

While we remain closed at the present time due to the virus and our need to finish arranging the newly painted and carpeted rooms, we are regularly assessing our ability to re-open within guidelines. You can stay up to date with the news of the Frontenac by subscribing to News on the home page of our website at

Organized protest did not become a main tool of the movement until the 1900's, but some suffragists were performing acts of civil disobedience well before Paul or Burns entered the picture. In 1872, Susan B. Anthony, was arrested in Rochester, N.Y., for voting. She channeled her indignation into a speech the following year: "It is downright mockery to talk to women of their enjoyment of the blessings of liberty while they are denied the use of the only means of securing them provided by this democratic-republican government."

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