Happy Thanksgiving to Our Friends - Near and Far!

This is a postcard from the estate of Clara Waldron who was 105 at the time of her death. She lived the last years with the Dan and Marilla Gardner family. This card was a gift from Marilla Gardner.

A Thanksgiving Blessing

by Rick W. Cotton

It's cold outside, but it's warm in

my heart.

And the gray fall sky is His work

of art.

Laden and low, quiet and still,

November is welcome, and my

eyes drink their fill

Of brown-gray grass and red-

orange leaves,

Of pavement winding through the

strong, stately trees.

Down the hill, past the barn, past

the gate, up the lane,

The house with bright candles in each

window pane.

Now, I step inside; oh, it's warm!

Oh, that smell!

Hot turkey roasting, potatoes

done well!

Sweet, spicy cider, and warm

winter wine

Cranberry sauce - Oh! - the flavors

- divine!

The smiles and hugs are so warm

and sweet.

In this cold gray November, a

Thanksgiving treat.

I do love it all and am so thankful;


For this lovely season...I am truly