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A Community Celebration of the 100 years of history of the Wells College Golf Course will be celebrated on Sunday, June 4th from 1pm-4pm at the A.A. House which is adjacent to the golf course.

The history of the course was researched and compiled by the Frontenac Historical Society and its Curating Team. A power point presentation describing the 100 year history will be shown on a loop on TV's in the clubhouse and the A.A. House. This presentation will also be displayed on the days of other public events at the course. Additionally, many of the cardboard tri-fold exhibits being displayed were the work of the Frontenac Historical Society and will help tell the story.

The A.A. House is the original home of the Aurora Country Club and now serves as a locker room for Wells sport teams and their visitors. Plan to visit the newly renovated Clubhouse called "Gray's Tea Room" for food and beverages.

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